Sunday, January 06, 2008

54th Surfman Award: Bikefamily

Recently I designed some art from an old photo of me and my siblings on our sweet sweet rides. We were a 4 bike family that rode all over our old hood. My brothers and sister taught me how to ride w/o training wheels and was I ever proud of that first solo trip. To this day, I am the only one of my siblings that still rides a bike, in fact I don't like driving a car. I used a photo of us from many a decade ago and made a silk screen of the image and with some help from the computer produced this image of old times biking. I have recently entered the image in the bike week poster contest to see if it could be used as poster to advertise bike week, but I am not too confident that it will be choosen. Afterall, paticipation is what its all about, not whether we win...too much pressure in the in the world already, and biking is the perfect way to get "zen".


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