Sunday, July 14, 2013

153rd Post: uncle J & his 3D printer

My son received a bunch of buildings made by his uncle's new 3D printer, he is so excited, he immediately put them in his city that he has constructed. Thanks uncle Johnny!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

152nd Surfman Post: Limited Edition Star Wars Trilogy DVD

Received this for Father's Day last Sunday and was I ever pleased. Never thought that I would be able to view the original trilogy the way it came out in theatres in 1977, 1980 & 1983. Finally, able to enjoy! I mean making it look like Greedo shot first or at the same time was crap, leave it the way it was meant to be. Han was the only one who shot, and he had to, because Greedo would have hastened his demise.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

151st Surfman Post: Toronto Bike Month

Once again bike month is upon us and I am excited to celebrate this beautiful invention. Tomorrow is the ride to work pancake breakfast and next Sunday is the Ride for Heart that will allow @ 15,000 cyclist take over the DVP and Gardener for part of a day. So jump on a bike, ring your bell and get some exercise and feel like a kid again. Today I remembered what it felt like to learn to ride, that feeling when my brothers pushed me down the street and than let me go solo, oh so glorious!!! Enjoy the month my peeps, the more of us out on the road, the safer and happier we will be.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

150th Surfman Post: Colossus

Recently had the opportunity to see this fascinating 1970 science fiction film and I was quite pleased with the level of suspense and prophecy of what we could face if we allowed full control of our defenses to be handed over to a computer. I would have to say that Colossus may have been an inspiration for skynet and the Terminator movies, but who knows...regardless, this film was fun to watch.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

149th Surfman Post: Searching for Sugarman

I am so pleased that Searching for Sugarman won the Oscar for Documentary Feature. I believe that this was the first film that the film makers have made, and to win the Oscar right out of the gate is incredible. So true what was said about Sixto not wanting to be there and take any credit for the film, such a humble and truly talented man. I couldn't think of a better subject for a documentary, what a beautiful film and amazing music by Sixto.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

148th Surfman Post: Bike-Ways

I recently found out about Mr. Frankel's book Bike - Ways about America's love affair with the bike in the 1950's. It is a very optimistic view of how much better we would all be if we just got on a bike a lot more and slowed down our increasingly fast paced lives. We are not there yet, but more urban dwellers every year get out of their cars and onto a bike, so there is hope. Dare to dream where the bike is king!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

147th Surfman Post: Skyfall

I recently got to see the latest Bond film "Skyfall" and it was amazing. Daniel Craig is such a perfect Bond, he really gives the role a depth of character that works well in a world full of political upheaval.I also liked the fact the they rebooted the "Q" character and he is now this young nerdy computer genius assisting Commander Bond in his missions.