Sunday, December 02, 2007

52nd Surfman Award: EVEL KNIEVEL 1938 - 2007

With the passing of every year, another icon leaves our mortal coil to journey to the great beyond. On Friday, November 30th, 2007, Evel Knievel left us and I was very sorry to hear that. To me he is the last of the true great daredevils and show-persons who made our world a little more exciting and spectacular. I can remember watching his amazing feats on TV and especially that cool 1970s movie about his life and humble beginnings. Evel born Robert Craig Knievel, Jr. on Oct.17th, 1938 in Butte, Montana was 69 years old when he died. He made a life out of jumping over cars, double-decker buses, live sharks and almost the Snake River Canyon in September of '74. He got his start in 1965 with a group called the Evel Knievel Motorcycle Daredevils but would soon break out on his own so he could concentrate on seeing how far he could push his motorcycle. He is truly the last of his kind, often imitated but never duplicated!!!! Goodbye Evel Knievel, we will miss you. If you meet the boy cat in the next realm, please give him a ride on your motorcycle, he would love that.


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