Sunday, September 09, 2007

46th Surfman Award: Jonathan & Lisa

Jonathan & LIsa gave T & me this wonderful B-B-Que for our wedding present. It is one of the all time best presents ever. I simply love cooking up veggie burgers, shish-ka-bobs, and anything else that tastes nice over the open grill. T says that she should be awarded a PHD in B-B-Que assembling. The B-B-Que came in about 100 pieces and T put it together in about 6 hours, she is amazing. All I had to do was hook up the propane and start it up, as well as become "master-chef" of course. Thank you Lisa & Jonathan, your generosity is very much appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, through another shrimp on the Barbie for me!

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Hey, our pleasure!!!!! PHD in BBQ assembly! Ha!

Happy BBQing... send us your favourite recipes.

Our BBQ has been sitting here unused because he local gas station never has propane tanks! Finally got on, and I need some kind of connection adaptor!!! Uggg!!!

See ya,


11:46 AM  
Blogger Rodwellian said...

I just saw this post now. Glad ou like it. Sadly, our BBQ is still a virgin. :(

3:31 PM  

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