Sunday, May 27, 2007

41st Surfman Award: Joff Summerfield

This week's Surfman goes to Mr Joff Summerfield, who is attempting to go around the world on a 19th century style penny farthing or high wheel bicycle. Mr Summerfield is a 39 year old Briton whom I consider an amazing and extremly brave individual for trying such a feat of physical endurance not to mention the danger of todays political climate. He reminds me of those early explorers that I studied in Anthropology that sought the unknown mysteries that exist around that next corner, which is most fitting because he wears a pith helmet in his journey. The accompaning picture is Joff's Penny Farthing and pith helmet leaning up against an entrance to the Great Wall of China. If you are interested in helping Joff's journey, please check out his wonderful website and donate to the spirit of adventure. And to Joff, I would just like to say keep up the fantastic work of spreading good will and happiness to our fellow human beings on this blue marble we call are making all of us wheelmen proud!!!


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