Sunday, January 07, 2007

31st Surfman Award: Bowling

Originally uploaded by the surfman.
My first Surfman of the NEW YEAR 2007 goes to the very fine sport of Bowling, which I'm sure "the dude"(Big Lebowski reference) would concur with. Over 100 million people in 90 countries participate in Bowling, with more converts joining every day. British anthropoligist Sir Flinders Petrie discovered evidence of a bowling like game in the 1930s in Egypt. He found ancient objects in a grave that were used for the game. The artifacts have been dated back to 3200 bc, effectively making bowling over 5000 years old. This is a picture of the surfman holding his prized "tilly" bowling bowl and wearing his new "john deere" beltbuckle. Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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