Sunday, July 16, 2006

23rd Surfman Award : Andrew&Shauna

Originally uploaded by the surfman.
On May 13th my friends Andrew & Shauna celebrated their wedding vows in Canada's Surf capital, Tofino, BC. The date has special 'Kung Fu" significance to all you Master Po fans out there. I was unable to attend due to committements and promises, and as life worked out my starfish and I bought our house at the very same time that my amigo of 18 years wedded his beautiful bride. What is it about a promise that is great for one yet lets down another? A wise man once told me that "I'm a human being, not a perfect being". However, I am full of regrets. I sincerely wish a life full of happiness and love for my friends Andrew & Shauna. The art is based on a photograph of your first trip to Tofino together, I will send it out after I worked on some configuration issues..... or better yet, maybe thesurfman could hand deliver it ???????????????????????????


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