Sunday, December 31, 2006

30th Surfman Award: Cool & Comfortable Shoe Makers

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This is the last Surfman Award of the year and I feel a rather bit sheepish awarding a coveted "surfman" to a shoe maker, but lets face it, we spend all day walking on these tired old feet of ours and we deserve a sensible and nicely designed shoe to make our lives easier and more pleasant. Our friend Krissy has a blog called Iheartsensibleshoes, and I know that she would totally approve of my last surfman award being given to comfy shoemakers. In this case, I found on the last day of 2006, a beautiful pair of Merrill desert boots with a Surfer motif on the sole...does it get any better??? These desert boots take me back to my chilhood whre I wore nothing but. My mother was a firm supporter of the tan suede comfy soled booties, and here I am wearing a pair in my adult sweet is that! Thank you Merrill for these awesome surfer boots, I am thrilled with the design and "pillow" like feel of the shoe...2 surfmans up to the designer.


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