Sunday, April 30, 2006

16th Surfman Award : Jonathan

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My brud-in-law is this week's surfman. He recently arrived for a 5 day visit from the London Branch, after a quick trip to Hollywood. He is working on a documentary, that I personally can't wait to see. T & me were given a preview of the sampler dvd that kept our toes tapping and our attention fixed. Jonathan is very talented and I just know that he has all the makings of an excellent filmmamker. On a side note, I still think we can squeeze "kirk" into the movie somewhere. On a second side note, tell Lisa, Leroy says hi. Thanks for the great visit Johnny, can't wait for you & L to visit our new home in the summer.


Anonymous Jonathan Howells said...

Thanks for your kind words Surfman. Right back at ya!
Would love to do a collaborative film project with you one of these days... running through the woods at Lisa's cottage, chasing you with a camera, and then getting you attacked by a giant spider, wasn't it quite yet!! Bye and thanks for putting my up (and putting up with me)! Jonathan

11:43 AM  
Blogger the surfman said...

My peasure Johnny...we had a blast...this was the most that we got to hang out with you...thanks for the quality time...maybe in September we can make it a 'London Calling'?

11:09 PM  

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