Sunday, May 14, 2006

18th Surfman Award: Sigur Ros

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Yesterday I was given a wonderful opportunity by my friend Sam MBA to see the band Sigur Ros. They were so amazing and incredible I can't stop thinking about them. Their muisc is ethereal and atmospheric, sung both in Icelandic and "Hopelandic", a language that they invented to convey to the listeners the beautiful landscape of their homeland. The band was named after the lead singer Jonsi's sister, who was born the very day the band was fomed back in 1994. Sigur Ros means "victory rose". Jonsi's voice is something to behold and listening to him on CD is not nearly the same as being in the room with him. And his signature style of playing the guitar with a bow from a cello with reverb creates a sweeping fluid sound that this audience member will not soon forget. Thank you Jonsi and the rest of Sigur Ros for the way you made us feel...Surfboards way up!!!!!!!!!!!!


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