Sunday, March 12, 2006

9th Surfman Award : Billy Bragg

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Billy Bragg play music twice. Once at HMV, where he performed a 20 minute set complete with his lovely comedic witicisms in between songs, and last night at the Opera House. Both times I felt blessed to be in his presence, he is truly a nice man and a very genuine human being. I can't say enough pleasantries about Billy Bragg as he signed my album cover of his "Brewing up with Billy Bragg". After he played at HMV, he sat patiently at a table, sipped his tea (I think he had a wee cold) and met and signed autographs for each and every person there. He spent time with everybody individually, never rushing us along the way certain big stars might; which just proves that you can be known the world over, but remain just an everyday bloke. Billy cares about people and that was shown yesterday with more than his music. Thank you Mr. Bragg, your are a "SURFMAN" extraordinaire!

As a side note, thank you Sam MBA and Burke for you company last night at Billy's concert, and thanks again Burke for driving me to and gentlemen are true "connectors" of humanity...and thank you both for the part you played in bringing me & T together.


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