Sunday, April 22, 2012

139th Surfman Post: Toronto Cyclists Union

On May 2nd, 2012, Toronto Cyclists Union members will vote on whether to retain the present name or change it to something else like the board of directors suggested name Cycle Toronto. The present board of directors of the Toronto Cyclists Union want to change the name to something without the Union in it, because some corporate sponsors feel that the word Union is too threatening or doesn't convey their organizations best interest. To that I say bullshit!!! I didn't become a Toronto Cyclists Union member to pander to big corporations. Cycle Toronto sounds like a lot of other Toronto cycling organizations. We are a Union, and represent all Toronto cycling groups under one umbrella, why shouldn't we reflect in our name what we are. Now I know we need sponsorship dollars to survive, but we don't need money from organizations that want to change who we are. We must not sell out are values or honour, for the sake of corporations that feel afraid of the word UNION!! Please vote no to a change, Union is not a dirty word, despite what certain corporations feel and members of our board of directors.


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