Sunday, December 07, 2008

78th Surfman Award: The Coalition Government

Yesterday over 2000 strong stood in the cold at Nathan Philips Square to support a Coalition Government made up of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc parties. Both Jack Layton and Stepen Dion spoke to the crowd and shed some hope of what may be.
I pray that Stephen Harper is defeated in a no confident vote in January and that the Coalition Government has a chance to show what they can do. For too long we have had to suffer through Mr. Harper's tour, he does not represent all of Canada...and if you don't believe that, than just take a good hard look at what Mr. Harper says in the media and in Parliament. My friends, if the Coalition did anything, it would be one better than anything Mr. Harper's reign has accomplished. If left unchecked he would continue to corrode our Canadian rights,cultures and arts and that is something worth standing together for and saying NO MORE, MR HARPER!! Canada is a very democratic country and we all have the right to free speech and our opinions, and my personal opinion is that we sorely need a political party who will not trample on what those before us have fought so hard to establish. Mr Harper you have not advanced our nation and you have not been given your very sought after majority government, the majority of Canadians do not want you to rule and hopefully this January a Coalition Government will lead our country to a new chapter.


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