Sunday, November 02, 2008

75th Surfman Award: Dave Gibbons - Watchmen Talk & Signing

Today, at the World's Biggest Bokkstore, Dave Gibbons regaled fans of Watchmen with many a story about working on the series, and lets not forget that this originated as a 12 issue comic series, before it bacame the graphic novel sensation it is known as today, but I digress, that is just my own personal bias of issue vs graphic novel...anyways, Dave spoke for about 1 hour and than gave a short Q&A, followed by a 3 limit signing. This appearance coincided with the release of Dave's new book Watching the Watchmen designed by the talented Chip Kidd, who recently released his own book Bat-Manga, but thats another story. Anyways, this new book of Dave's is a collection of all the odd bits of drawings, notes, Alan Moore scripts and issue time-line charts. I can't wait to check it out on Dec.25th, I decided to wrap it up as present for myself until than. Yeah - crazy!!

Dave sitting back and having a laugh with event's moderator Mark Askworth from the Space Channel.

Signed. sealed and delivered...Issue #1, Graphic Novel, First Printing & the new book.


Blogger Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this Mr. Media podcast interview with Dave Gibbons, co-creator and artist of Watchmen, as he discusses the Warner Bros./Fox dispute, being on the set during production, and what he thinks of the trailer and the rough cut he saw of Watchmen. He also talks about the possibility of working with Frank Miller and the message he took to Alan Moore from Will Eisner. Here's the link!

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